Eyelash Extension Supplies

High-quality eyelash extension supplies that ensure great results results

If you’re new to the lash world, you will need eyelash extension supplies and products of the best quality. By offering your valuable clients top quality products, it will automatically guarantee a fantastic service.  

I understand how overwhelming launching your own business can be. A lot of trials and errors will happen (I know that myself!), so I'm here to help you avoid that.

You may not know which eyelash extension supplies to trust and which ones you really need to get started. You can avoid confusion since Salty Lash has an eyelash training course and professional products for you. Salty Lash will prepare you to be successful!

Below I have set up a helpful guide where you can find professional products that work and leave amazing results.

Take a break from the long, unanswered research and keep on reading!

Salty Lash offers Online Training Packages!

Interested in becoming a successful eyelash artist but don’t know where to start?

Salty Lash offers eyelash training courses and a starter kit. This includes an encouraging mentor, more than 15 detailed videos, extremely important information, and materials to help you get started.

As soon as you sign up to get certified, Salty Lash will walk you through fundamental steps on how to begin lashing.

If you purchase the lash extension classic or volume course and starter kit, you can find them here. You will receive a lash course and products to help you get started.

Both starter kits include:

  • 3 lash trays
  • Straight tweezer
  • Isolation tweezer
  • Blue sensitive tape
  • Gel remover
  • Adhesive
  • Nano mister

Eyelash Extension Supplies I live by!

Working as a professional eyelash artist you need top quality products that will ensure you do your best and leave your clients happy with their new set of fluttery lashes.

Everything you’ll need to get started can be purchased here.

Here’s a list of amazing products that will leave your clients satisfied.  

Make your studio comfortable!

When clients get their lashes done they are laying on their back with eyes closed for up to two hours depending on what they’re receiving. 

Your client's comfortability is one of the lash artist’s top priority.  

Some simple ways to make your client more comfortable during their appointment would be to have a massage bed for them to lay on. The bed should also be covered for sanitary reasons, I use this one, it's durable and easy to clean.

Most eyelash artists will elevate the client’s head for different reasons. It allows the client and the artist to remain comfortable during the application. I elevate my client's head using a lash pillow. It is designed for maximum comfort while holding their head in place for you to lash them!

As a lash artist myself, it is important to have a sturdy, bright light over the client as you are applying the lashes.  Bright lighting allows a clearer view of the client's lashes. This lamp is adjustable by allowing a great range of motion when lashing your client.  

Playing soft music in the background can also be enjoyable for your client.

Throughout your career as a lash artist, you will discover more ways on how to make your clients comfortable and throughout appointments. I wish you the best with your lashing career! If you have any further questions about Salty Lash's Online Lash Training and Certification, contact me here or on Instagram @saltylash.

Happy lashing!


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