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Eyelash Extension Training

The hardest thing about starting a new business?

Well, it's starting at all.

For months I dreamed of opening an eyelash extension studio. But the feeling of overwhelm and confusion stopped me in my tracks more than I'd like to admit. With perseverance, trial and error, and a LOVE for what I do, I'm here today with a thriving lash business!

Here's the thing - you don't have to go through what I did to start your lash extension business. You can avoid this feeling of overwhelm and confusion because Salty Lash has an eyelash extension training that will guide you through this life-changing process!

Maybe you’ve done a little research to expand your knowledge on how to get started but you still have questions about getting fully certified in eyelash extensions.  Don’t lose sleep over this!  

I’ve had my cosmetology license in Arizona since 2004, and I've created my very own eyelash extension training and certification online course. This is my step by step process to adding eyelash extensions to help you create a thriving business you'll LOVE!

Are you interested in getting certified? Continue reading to learn ways on how Salty Lash can help you achieve your dream!

What’s included in Salty Lash extension training?

Salty Lash eyelash extension training offers you an encouraging mentor, more than 15 detailed videos, and extremely valuable content to guide you on your new pathway to success.

It’s extremely important to have a reliable and supportive mentor to help you along the way! You will have access to my support throughout your entire journey. 

These videos will expand your knowledge! Guiding you step by step from eyelash hygiene, to how to apply the extensions, and even pricing recommendations for your newly learned services!  

What you will gain from this course:

  • Learn unique techniques on how to apply extensions!
  • Access to professional grade products!
  • Unlimited, lifetime access to the online course! 
  • Learn everything you need to become a successful Lash Artist! 



Benefits of training online eyelash extension training

Eyelash extension training can seem intimidating at first.  That’s why you’re about to learn the vital information I’ve gained from my experience in lashing for the past 5 years.  The help of a good mentor along the way is your key to success.

I can help you get started with the best, high-quality products and a reliable support system.

Salty Lash’s online extension training benefits:

  • Learn at your own pace - Take as much or little time as you need on each lesson.

  • Location, location, location! - You can complete this course from the comfort of your own home!
  • Flexibility - We understand you have other responsibilities, this online course won’t interrupt your day to day! 

Salty Lash includes helpful information about expanding your new business and attracting new clientele.

Benefits of becoming a lash artist

Believe it or not there are even more benefits to working a job you love!

  • Be your own boss

  • Flexible hours
  • No ceiling income 


Salty Lash’s #1 goal is your success!

Salty Lash will provide you with ongoing support throughout your journey!

Over the years I have tested almost every technique and lash product out there and without a doubt I’ve discovered the best on the market. I love what I do and want to train YOU to be successful.

If you’re searching for premium products, Salty Lash just released professional, popular products that both lash artists and clients love.

As I mentioned earlier, this online training and certification course was designed to prepare you to thrive in your new freelance career. 

Start your online lash training today!

Are you ready to start your online lash training?  If you’re interested in becoming an entrepreneurial self-starting business - enroll now and become your own boss! Your next step is to choose between classic or volume eyelash extension training courses.  

But wait, there’s more.

Salty Lash even offers a payment plan for both classic and volume!

Any questions? 

If you have any questions about my eyelash extension course and training feel free to contact me here or on Instagram @saltylash!


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