Natural vs Dramatic: Which eyelash extensions are right for you?

Which eyelash extensions are right for you?

As an eyelash artist myself I’ve come across hundreds of clients and guess what? All their preferences vary on how they want their extensions to appear. 

Each client’s preference is unique.  Take advantage of that! Some clients desire eyelash extensions that look natural and some have their hearts set on a more dramatic look.

That’s just the joy of being an artist! You’ll get more opportunities to learn by using different techniques to apply lash extensions - depending on your client’s natural lash line and their eye shape.  

Eyelash extensions save you time normally spent on beauty routines, are safe for everyday wear, and you will no longer need mascara or eyelash curlers!

Considering eyelash extensions yourself? Let’s go more in depth on what both classic and volume have to offer. It really depends on your style and what you are comfortable with.

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I prefer the look of wearing mascara!

You may love the simple look of wearing mascara, but aren’t you tired of putting in effort everyday to apply and remove it? It can get messy and tiring real quick.

If you want to take a more natural approach to eyelash extensions, classic extensions are the perfect fit for you.  Natural, simple and elegant

Others may think that you’re just wearing mascara or that you may just be blessed with gorgeous, natural lashes. Most people won’t be able to tell that you have extensions!

If you already have gorgeous, thick eyelashes and are still interested in getting eyelash extensions that look natural - I definitely recommend the classic look. 

For classic eyelash extensions, one individual extension is applied to one of the client’s natural lashes. This creates a 1:1 ratio. They enhance the length, thickness, and fullness of your natural lashes.

I prefer a dramatic look!

If you usually wear strip lashes and love the look of them - volume could be the right choice for you! Volume is exactly what it sounds like. They’ll add a pop of drama and glamour to your natural lash line.

To break it down for you, volume extensions consist of a “fan” of lash extensions attached to one natural lash.  Volume lashes typically consist of 2-6 extensions in one fan. Classic consists of a 1:1 ratio and volume can vary all the way from 2:1 to 6:1. 

The amount of extensions applied just depends on the look you desire!  

Volume eyelash extensions can vary from a natural look, all the way to a dramatic and full look. This depends on what ratio your lash artist uses on you.


How do eyelash extensions affect my natural lashes?

The biggest myth is that eyelash extensions can ruin or harm your natural lashes.  If they are applied correctly and properly, there will be absolutely no harm done.  

Is your lash artist certified and educated about lashes? If so, then your eyelash extensions should not cause any damage to your natural lashes! 

Aftercare is extremely important as well.  If you don’t upkeep and maintain your extensions - that can really affect your natural lashes. Avoid rubbing your eyes or picking and pulling at your extensions. This can cause lash loss and damage to your natural eyelashes. 


Which technique is best for me?

If you have already made the decision that you want eyelash extensions.  Maybe you are just indecisive about whether to get classic or volume.

No worries, your lash artist is a trained professional and would love to help you choose which one is the right choice for you. Either route you choose, your lash artist is going to help enhance your natural beauty.  

Ultimately, not every client will want classic or volume extensions. If this is your case, communicate your needs and wants to your lash artist. They want to be able to give you exactly what you want! 

Just remember, your eyes are very unique. Eyelash extensions can be altered to your exact preference. Whether you want a soft, natural look or a fluttery, dramatic look - your lash artist will come up with the perfect set for you!

If you’re in the greater Phoenix area (Arizona) and are looking to get eyelash extensions, reach out to me here or on Instagram @saltylash.  If you have any questions about extensions and what is best for you, I am happy to help! 


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