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certification Sep 09, 2020

Lash Extension Class

Eyelash extensions - it’s no secret how popular they are! That’s why I added a lash extension class and course to my business!  As a lash artist myself, I love my job and want to share my passion with others! 

Being a mother of four young kids, I take advantage of being my own boss.  I’m able to set my own extremely flexible hours so I can still be present in family’s lives and have no limit on the income I can bring in! If a flexible schedule, more time with those you care about, being your own boss and a no ceiling income sounds appealing to you; keep reading!

Benefits of the lash extension class

By choosing Salty Lash Studios eyelash extension class, you will:

  • Learn the cutting edge techniques on how to apply lash extensions
  • Have access to professional grade products, giving your clients results they’ll love!
  • Get certified online!
  • Students who get certified and take on clients earn their investment back in the first month with just a few clients!

So what are the benefits of working a job you love?!  

  • You have the ability to work flexible schedules by choosing your own hours!
  • You can be your own boss and start your own lash studio. Working at a salon is also a great option if you’re interested in consistent hours!
  • By starting your own business, you’re given a great opportunity to build your lash clientele and meet great clients!  

The benefits don’t stop there!  

Okay, I’m ready to learn how to lash! Where can I get started? 

Great question! I’m glad you asked. You can enroll in the Salty Lash Certification right here.

I can help you start your business in just three steps!

  1. Enroll in the course and get your starter kit
  2. Get certified online
  3. Build your clientele

My course will offer you 15+ detailed videos that will guide you on how to start and grow the lash extension business of your dreams!

This lash extension class will provide you with information on ways to set up your studio and keep everything sanitary.  I will teach you my trusted ways on how to apply lash extensions for full sets and fills! 

I want you to be successful so I added into my courses helpful tips and pieces of advice on ways to grow your own lash business! I look forward to helping you achieve your dream job!  

Have any questions about my eyelash extension class? I’m here to help you! Feel free to contact me @saltylash on Instagram or fill out the form located on the “contact us” page!  If you’re in the greater Phoenix area, book an appointment with me to get lashed!  


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