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Do I Need My Lash Extension Certification?

Do I Need My Lash Extension Certification?

When considering starting a lash extension business, estheticians often wonder -- do I actually need to be certified? Can I learn this on my own?

It may seem cheaper and quicker to do it yourself...but is it really?

The answer to that is ...

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Eyelash Extension Training & Certification | Salty Lash Online Courses

Eyelash Extension Training

The hardest thing about starting a new business?

Well, it's starting at all.

For months I dreamed of opening an eyelash extension studio. But the feeling of overwhelm and confusion stopped me in my tracks more than I'd like to admit. With perseverance, trial and error,...

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Lash Extension Certification | Lash Extension Class Online

Lash Extension Class

Eyelash extensions - it’s no secret how popular they are! That’s why I added a lash extension class and course to my business!  As a lash artist myself, I love my job and want to share my passion with others! 

Being a mother of four young kids, I take...

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